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Braxnet Online 2

s&box dotnet csharp typescript prisma postgres

An online multiplayer game where you play in a small city with other players. Permanent apartments, businesses, vehicles and more.

No longer bound to Garry’s Mod and lua, it now uses s&box with C# and a backend of TypeScript and Prisma to store data in a PostgreSQL database.

The game is still in development as of December 2023, but the core features are in place and the game is playable to a certain extent. Apartments can be bought and decorated, businesses can be bought and managed, and a lot of social features are functional.

With businesses in particular, the concept of cashiers are implemented, where players scan items behind the teller and take payments from customers including NPC customers.

The original map I made for the first iteration of Braxnet Online was ported and expanded with more buildings and interiors. At the moment there should be over 100 apartments and over a dozen business interiors. Some new features are a postal office and a castle.