phaser javascript

A recreation of the game Bygg Bilar med Mulle Meck (Gary Gadget: Building Cars) by the Swedish author George Johansson, written in JavaScript using the Phaser game engine.

An extra feature for the game was to add multiplayer, which works fairly well. It is not moderated, so it is possible to set the player name to almost anything, and there is no advanced chat filter.

The assets are taken from the original game, and the game is playable in the browser. It is not a complete recreation, but it has the basic gameplay loop of building cars and driving them around.

At the time of making the game, there were no tools to extract assets from Macromedia Director files, so I had to reverse-engineer the file format myself with Python. With the help of the people behind ProjectorRays, I was able to decompile the game code and port crucial functions from Lingo to JavaScript, mainly for the driving code that used hit testing against a bitmap.

The game was released as open source, and I have not worked on it since, mostly because of the problems that came with making cutscenes in code, since the original game used a timeline-based animation system.